New Way Academy High School


Standards Based Academics and Transition Readiness

The culture of our high school supports rigorous academic learning and accountability while preparing students for life beyond graduation. Teachers view each student as a unique individual with strengths and talents as well as academic, attention, or other challenges. Instructors are specially trained to provide rigorous and evidence based instruction using effective, multisensory techniques.

Unique Needs of This Age Group

New Way's high school teachers recognize the importance of stimulating intellectual growth as well as teaching problem solving and logical reasoning. Students learn to evaluate choices, differentiate between opinion and fact, and discover their own path to life success. Our teachers are trained to guide students from adolescence to early adulthood. This age group is vulnerable to media and social pressures. New Way teaches students to manage outside pressures while acquiring the confidence needed to make good decisions. High school students seek stimulating social and extracurricular activities. New Way offers school dances, student council, clubs, competitive sports, and community service opportunities to meet these needs.

Pathways to Life Success

High school advisors help each student chart a path towards future college or vocational success. Students learn to understand their learning style and to advocate for the accommodations and supports they need. In other settings, families are sometimes advised that there is little that can be done to improve basic skills such as reading at the high school level. New Way has a proven track record, however, of improving student skills through intensive remediation throughout the grades. Students also learn to use state of the art assistive technology to access grade level curriculum.

Students take courses required for high school graduation in Arizona. College bound students select classes needed for college admission through a combination of New Way classes, community college coursework, and online instruction. Our school offers the unique opportunity to take college courses for dual credit under the supervision and mentoring of our faculty. New Way also partners with Scottsdale Community College and East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) to provide state of the art technical and vocational education.

Enriched School Experiences

  • • Field trips including out of state educational trips

  • • Guest speakers

  • • Multimedia library

  • • Sports teams that compete in the Arizona Charter Athletic Association

  • • School clubs and student government

  • • SMART Boards© in all classrooms

  • • Laptop computers for all students and two technology labs

  • • Spacious outdoor areas, teen amphitheater, and meeting spaces

  • • Student centered events including prom, Homecoming Week, a cheer squad, and pep assemblies

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